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cv and/or portfolio document available upon cogent request

Through the lens of speculative thinking, artist and designer Soneth P. focuses on biophilic, esoteric and sociological frameworks to create designed realities and lost future artefacts. 

When operating through the phantasmagorium, SP releases art and experiments which connect the dwellings in her dream worlds to her waking reality.



We are living in a world where everything is haunted by its own past and potential future. We are searching for comfort in a reality that constantly outruns our dreams, or is it maybe our dreams that outrun us?

Whichever it is, humanity has a glaring issue: we've lost control of our resources and we have disconnected from the true meanings found within our surroundings in the process.
What is « reality » anyway these days? Can't say I'm experiencing it anymore
. . . )

We create new technology, then immediately cross into a world where we cannot live without it - leaving scores of unreliable, self-destructive, and parasitic systems in our wake.

In these systems, we are lost.

In order to cope with this hubris, perhaps a more organic outlook is needed. Maybe we can peel back the layers of our civilisation and replace the current notions of our progress with something less aggressive. 


Through my creations and speculative work, I offer a deliberate glimpse into alternate realities. The time you spend here is non-time. 

I'll see you through from one destination to the next . . .




Based currently in the Maas/Rhine Euregion.

Previously Based in al-Khaleej.

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